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A gatherer of stories, seeker of truth & purveyor of words

Freelance Writer~Writing Coach~Speaker

I’m a freelance writer, author, photographer, workshop leader and speaker based in the moose, bear and coyote country of south-east New Brunswick, Canada. I write about conservation and nature; our relationship to place and each other; and the challenges of protecting and healing this battered, but beautiful planet.


As gatherer, I search for stories that reveal who we are; as a seeker, I tease out the tender and tangled roots below the surface of the tale; and as a purveyor, I weave these into narratives to enhance and evolve our understanding and view of self and other, of culture and world.

I do this on the unceded homeland of the resilient Mi’kmaq (People of the Dawnland), the Wolastoqiyik (People of the Beautiful River), and the Peskotomuhkati (People who spear Pollack); the original inhabitants of the eastern colonial land now called the Province of New Brunswick. Their names reveal their foundational attachment to place, and their dedication to caring for and honouring their home informs my own worldview and actions, reminding me of my responsibilities to walk softly, and to preserve and protect.


I’m a gal who plays with words and images. I enjoy meeting people and learning what they care about.  That means I get to make a living doing something I’m crazy about ~ AND ~ I have a lot of fun while I’m doing it.  It so important to know who you are, and to love what you do.

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Through my Nature of Words workshops, I help the novice and seasoned writer discover the joys and benefits of creative and therapeutic writing. Let me help you use writing as a tool to enhance your free flow of creativity, inner intuition and understanding of self.

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The true gift of writing is its power to help us uncover the life we were meant to live. The challenges of writing have led me into environmental and social activism, personal and spiritual development. Let me share these stories at your next conference or gathering.

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Deborah Carr: Author

Sanctuary: The Story of Naturalist Mary Majka

Authentic. Original. Indomitable.

Mary Majka is one of Canada’s great pioneering environmentalists. She is best known as a television host, a conservationist, and a driving force behind the internationally acclaimed Mary’s Point Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve on the Bay of Fundy.

Sanctuary gives full expression to the intensely personal story of Mary’s life. A daughter of privilege, a survivor of World War II Poland, an architect of dreams, Mary Majka became passionately intent on protecting fragile spaces and species for generations to come.

In this amazing story of determination and foresight,  Deborah Carr reveals a complex, indomitable, thoroughly human being — flawed yet feisty, inspiring and inspired.  (Goose Lane Editions)

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It’s not about where the journey takes you, but how it shapes you along the way.

~ Deborah Carr

Nature of Words Workshops

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