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Things That Matter: Special Objects in our Stories as we Age (University of Toronto Press , December 2023)

Edited by William L. Randall and Matte Robinson.

Many of us have photographs, paintings, old letters, books, furniture, jewellery, or clothing that hold special meaning for us. Often, they correspond to pivotal memories and can be central to our sense of self and our life narratives, all the more so as we age. Things That Matter sheds important light on the intricate intertwining of mementos with stories – and vice versa – in most people’s lives.

The book (to which I contributed a chapter on the processes of exploring, examining and embracing our stories through memoir) explores the significance of cherished objects within the life stories of nine participants in a qualitative study of the links between reminiscence and resilience in later life. Shedding light on the complex emotional, psychological, and spiritual findings of the study, Things That Matter ultimately reveals the intricacy of personal narrative and the incredible ways in which things and stories are interwoven in our lives over time.

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Sanctuary: The Story of Naturalist Mary Majka


Sanctuary: The Story of Naturalist Mary Majka (Goose Lane Editions 2010) was my first full length book…the result of seven years of research into the fascinating and compelling life of a Polish-Canadian immigrant who became one of Canada’s pioneering environmentalists. It was shortlisted for the Atlantic Bookseller’s Choice Award in 2011.

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In Vino Veritas:  How an Old German Tradition Becomes New Brunswick’s Windfall  (Winegarden Estate, 2009)  – I wrote the text and coordinated the layout and design for a 25 year anniversary book about how German immigrant, Werner Rosswog, founded Winegarden Estate and pioneered the beginnings of the wine industry in New Brunswick.

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Super Seniors: Beyond 65 and Fully Alive (Senior InterPress 2005) – I contributed three profiles to the premiere edition of this anthology celebrating active seniors.