Keynotes, Author Readings, Community Appearances

I have spoken during public presentations, at book club gatherings, libraries, retreats and to organizations, associations, businesses, schools and church groups on writing-related and inspirational life topics.

Subjects include environmental and social activism, mentoring, living with passion, personal and spiritual development and conservation. I have also spoken extensively on my book, Sanctuary: The Story of Naturalist Mary Majka, as well as my involvement with a recent pilot writing project in Haiti.

To book me to speak at your next event, please e-mail your request to info@deborahcarr.ca.

Keynote Topics

Living a Legacy

Each of us has been uniquely shaped, first by genetics, and then by life experiences and people who have touched our lives. Most times, we have no control over what happens to us. But it is our choice whether we allow these influences to shape us for the better or the worse. It’s our choice whether we use and share the gifts we’ve been given, or whether we hide them beneath self-doubt and fear of failure.

During this talk, I discuss the early influences on the life of Order of Canada recipient, Dr. Mary Majka, and how those experiences helped shape the woman she became. I then show that each one of us has within the ability to influence the lives of others in our daily walk, thus creating our own legacy.


Inspiring Change:  Grassroots Activism

While the general public may often view acts of grassroots activism to be dissension and disruption aimed at politics and power, I choose to see the healing substrate of it: a common ground where communities are growing stronger with attitudes of compassion and care. I will be sharing some of my own experiences, here and abroad, as well as the challenges faced by those who resist and why social activism is a critical element to society.


Who Might You Be? Finding your True and Best Self

Are you living true enough? Or, is the real you waiting impatiently below the surface? What if you believed your innate creativity and life experiences were inextricably tied to your life purpose? Would you choose to live differently?

Too often women lose themselves in the busyness of life and careers and family. Women transitioning through the middle of life often reach a breaking point, choosing out of desperation to walk away from their past routines and start afresh.

In this keynote address for women, I share my own ‘mid-life melt-down’ and what I did to reboot a stagnant life into one filled with challenge, joy and purpose.


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