Meet Deborah

I’m an author, a writer-for-hire, a speaker and a writing coach. I’m also a daughter, a wife, a grandmother, a dog-lover, a hiker, a seeker, a gatherer, a listener, a traveler, and an activist.

This is me with my gal-pal, Caledonia…(she’s the blonde on the left). We used to hang out quite a bit. She broke my heart when she left us, but her spirit lingers on.

She adhered to a philosophy that the best way to savour life was to get down and roll in it. She taught me a thing or two about joy of living, that wise old Callie-dog.

She taught me to listen with my ears, my eyes, my nose. And my heart. And lately, I’ve taken to lifting my nose in the air, seeking scent, breathing deep, inhaling my world.

I live on the fringes of moose, bear and coyote country along the south-eastern New Brunswick shores of the magical Bay of Fundy (not far from Moncton, NB), which is a pretty phenomenal place to find yourself. And I mean that in more ways than one.

You’ll often find me writing about the intersection of place and people:  the history, people, nature, environment and culture of Atlantic Canada and beyond. Words have been my living for two dozen years now.

You should know that I dance in the rain, roll in the snow and slide in the mud.  You may be thinking that a professional bio is more imperative, but this is important, too. It is part of my story.

I believe in the power of stories and the perfectly crafted sentence.

I believe that good writing is a combination of intuition and skill, of creativity and craftsmanship. And it exudes strength and clarity and authenticity. And character. Mustn’t forget character.

I believe what I do to others, I do also to myself. So I promise to treat you with kindness and honesty and respect.

Although I cannot sing a note, music is buried in me. Somewhere. I’ll find it someday…maybe when the words run out.

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