This is an excerpt of an advertorial that I wrote for has channeled the power of the Internet into a leading private sale system for homeowners – one that challenges the very traditions of a $100 billion dollar real estate industry.

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In recent years, the Internet has created a culture of smart, independent people who want to take charge of their own affairs while keeping more money in their pockets. Not surprisingly, these individuals gravitate towards a company like, who places the power of the real estate sale – and cash – back into the hands of the homeowner.

The company does this by providing clients with all the tools and information they need to take charge of their own real estate transaction, helping save thousands of dollars in the process.

Approximately 20-25 per cent of properties are sold privately today, a trend that is driven by consumers who see the value in “do-it-yourself” home selling. Company president, Ken LeBlanc, predicts continued growth to 50 percent with positioned at the forefront. This presents exciting opportunities for franchisees.

“We not only provide them the medium, but the support to make them comfortable with the process,” says LeBlanc. “We do this by offering a creative range of online and offline tools that benefit both the buyer and seller, and pairing this with a personal touch provided by local franchisees.”

Recently, a national “Go Big or Stay Home” campaign touted this message while challenging real estate conventions with the powerful message of “Cut out the Middleman and Save Thousands!”

(excerpt only)

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