Winegarden Estate, Inc.

The lovely folks at Winegarden Estate, Ltd. wanted their family business history written to help them celebrate the 25th anniversary of their immigration to Canada and the industry they built – quite literally – from the ground up.  As I had previously designed their website, they asked me to managed the project for them. I interviewed family members, researched the company, wrote the content and worked with a graphic designer to create a pictorial tribute that the family could be proud to distribute.

Below is a brief excerpt.  The book can be purchased by contacting

In Vino Veritas: How an Old German Tradition becomes New Brunswick’s Windfall

In 1989, when Werner Rosswog, a new German immigrant with minimal English skills, blithely wrote a letter petitioning New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna for a license to operate a cottage winery business, he was breaking new ground. No one had yet imagined a day when New Brunswick’s rich and varied supply of fruit could be used for the production of wine and spirits. That naïve – and rather bold – letter ultimately led to the birth of a new industry and Atlantic Canada’s first private winery/distillery, Winegarden Estate, Ltd.

Today, the Province of New Brunswick celebrates a proud new identity as a grape-growing region and an agri-tourism destination, while local fruit farmers work together cooperatively to create options for diversified business and economic growth. But pioneering an industry is no easy chore.

On its own, this is an account of perseverance and struggle.  But the real story starts many years earlier, in a country well known for its culture of spirit and wine production. And at its very roots is a deep connection to land that transcends time and generations…and now continents and countries.

Pride of Place. This is where the story truly begins…and this is where it  continues.

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